The National Association of the Van Valkenburg(h) Family

Descendants of Andries Van Valkenburg


5842. Eugene Getman van Valkenburg

1860 age 4
1865 age 9
1870 age 14
1875 age 19
1900 Sep 1855

BIRTH: family records and 1900 census
MARRIAGE: family records

5861. Frank W van Valkenburg

1900 Mar 1865

1900 in Oaho, Waialua, HI Ed 34 43/10 # 1,241,837
1917 in Peninsula (Pearl City), HI @@ City directory

BIRTH: date from 1900 census
MARRIAGE: records of La Cross Co, WI

NOTE: VV records had Frank W VV Death as 1912, but he in listed in the 1917
Hawaiian dir

Kathryne D Wyne

1900 Mar 1871

BIRTH: date from 1900 census
MARRIAGE: records of La Cross Co, WI

7238. Mary L or Marie van Valkenburg

BIRTH: birth records of WI has 1891; family records have 31 Jan 1891 and death
index has 31 Jan 1972
MARRIAGE: never married
DEATH: Social Security Death index; Marie Van Valkenburg born 31 Jan 1892 and
died Jan 1972

ID# B822._53.21

5862. Albert Weber Van Valkenburg

1900 Jul 1867 age 32
1910 age 41

1890 to HI
1900 in Ewa, Oahu, HI Ed 26 3/45; here 10 yrs; Occupation: Accountant
1910 in Honolulu, HI

1900 in Ewa, Oahu, HI; ED 26 3/45; here 10 years; Occupation: Accountant
1910 in Honolulu, HI; Occupation: secretary railroad
1917 in Honolulu @ City directory

BIRTH: date from 1900 census has 1867 and Bio has 1868
MARRIAGE: records of Honolulu Co, HI, Bk 1 Folio A; unable to fine original
record. Bio has a complete record of marriage date; married 6 years in 1900

BIO OF ALBERT WEBER VAN VALKENBURG: Railroad official, Honolulu, born
La Crosse, WI, Jul 20, 1868; son of James Taylor VV and Elizabeth Wells;
the Van Valkenburg family having emigrated from Holland about 1615; married
Mary Frances Paty in Honolulu, Sep 21, 1894; one child, John Paty. Educated in
La Crosse, Wi; entered railroad business as office boy for chief engineer C.
B. & Co, in La Crosse, 1885; followed that and general lines until 1890;
bookkeeper with various wholesale houses and sugar plantations; became
associated with B. F. Dillingham Co, LTD, as secretary and director in 1899;
retaining this office he also assumed that of secretary and director of the
Oahu Railway and Land Co, (Dillingham Enterprise) in 1900; is also secretary and
director Olaa and Puna sugar companies; became president and managing
director, Kunia Development Co, LTD Jul 19, 1909. Member Commercial Club,
Oahu Country Club, Ad Club.

Mary Frances Paty

1900 Jun 1874
1910 age 35

BIRTH: date from 1900 census
MARRIAGE: from bio of Husband

SOURCE: information about parents of Mary from the ancestral file submitted by
Pamela M Kapisi; BYU-HC B210; Laie, HI 96762

5874. Mildred Swimburne

NOTE: information on this family from Robin John Hoff Apr 1997

5905. Dewitt Clinton van Valkenburg

1880 age 3 1/2; born Albany Co
1900 Jan 1873 age 27 (should be 1872)

1900 in Chicago, Cook Co, IL

BIRTH: Family records; place from State census records
MARRIAGE: 1st: no known record
2nd: no known record
DEATH: Died age 35 yrs 11 mo 4 days

NOTE: He was taken in by his Grandparents at birth and never used the Lyon last name. He took the last name of Van Valkenburg.


DEATH: Died age 20

7243. Dewitt Clinton van Valkenburg

BIRTH: Calculated by computer from age at time of death
DEATH: Died age 8 mo 14 days Address: 232 Fifth Ave, Brooklin

ID#: B825.381.11

5911. James Leon Van Volkenburgh

1900 Aug 1897 age 2
1920 age 22

1957 in Pompano Beach, FL
1965 in Fairhope, AL

5933. Leon Rowe Van Valkenburg

1900 Nov 1894

MARRIAGE: records of Coffey Co, KS

SOURCE: additional information for this family from Internet

5937. John Donald van Valkenburg Md

SOURCE: all information on the descendants of this family from Nancy Ann VV Watrous

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